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Border Proto is your Additive Manufacturing design, simulation, prototyping and production hub.

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In-House end to end service

Using resins (SLA), thermoplastics (FDM) and  METALS (DMP) printers alongside a controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnace, sand blasting cabinets and vibrators, milling machines and bandsaws, we can fully leverage the advantages of additive manufacturing to design and produce state of the art products. 

DMP - Direct Metal Printing
CAD software
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FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling
Heat Treatment
Post Processing

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Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

We put our 9 industrial printers at your disposal, along our expertise and a vast array of materials.

Border Proto keeps a large array of materials in stock to cover any challenge your products may face.
   SLA [Rigids, tough, elastics, flexible, drafting, high temperature]
   DMP [Stainless Steel 316L] 
An expanded material library is available upon consultation to accommodate special needs such as steels, tool steels, aluminum, nickel super alloys, chrome, and more.

Heat treatment

Nabertherm Oven

Metals Additive manufacturing requires special heat treatment to achieve optimal mechanical properties

Border Proto has a state of the art inert gas heat treatment furnace in-house to perform stress relief, tempering, annealing and more crucial heat treatment procedures with a large curing chamber, allowing treatment of parts prior to build plate removal, increasing mechanical performance and dimensional accuracy.

Post Processing

Additive Manufacturing of metals via direct metal printing achieves near net shape, requiring little post processing to achieve the tightest tolerances and surface finishes.

Border Proto has a fitting machining shop on site to perform all the necessary post processing operations to meet or exceed your products specifications.

Post processing
Surface finishing
   Dry blasting
   Vibratory polishing
   Belt sanding


  Manual milling
  Band saw cutting
  Ultrasonic cleaner
  Build Plate grinding

Border Proto is an end to end Additive Manufacturing hub, with design, prototyping, production, furnacing, machining and surface finishing under a single roof.

Reach out to our engineering team and start printing!

Interested in additive manufacturing?

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